Reviews of The Shadow Market

"Dense and disturbing...Weiner succeeds in making the case that something fundamental has changed in the world with the rise of Eastern and Middle Eastern economies, and that is worth paying attention to."

--The New York Times Book Review

"Eric J. Weiner out-hustles the global influence peddlers."

--Vanity Fair

"Alarming...a bleak survey of how flush authoritarian governments deploy financial means to achieve geopolitical ends."

--Bloomberg BusinessWeek

"Unnerving...consistently engaging...a revealing - and troubling - overview of the uses of money and power at the international level."

--Kirkus Reviews

"Does a good job of captivating you."

--Crain's Chicago Business

"Informative, admirably lucid."

--Publishers Weekly

"Weiner explains how the U.S. is ceding dominance to countries with more cash and less debt. His book explains how to succeed as an investor in the world of the shadow market"